Recent research from Parks Associates shows that the average monthly cost of home internet service in the United States is $116. It’s difficult to imagine modern life without the internet, which allows us to do things like work from anywhere, watch our favourite shows whenever we want, play games with friends and family members all over the world, and much more. However, there may be a few strategies to reduce your broadband costs to keep your budget in check. Here are a few recommendations:

1. Get familiar with your bill

The first step in cutting costs is figuring out exactly what you’re already spending. Examine your past bills for a few months to get a feel for how much your ISP really charges. What is the expected download rate? Can you tell me if there is a limit on the amount of data I can use? How often do you go over your data limit and pay extra, if at all? Checking your internet speed and data use costs might help you budget for the future. Although some costs are non-negotiable, you might be amazed at how many can be waived with a simple inquiry. Having this information on hand will help you negotiate with your service provider in a big way.

2. Evaluate your internet speed

Yes, you should go for the top-speed option. Incredibly, some people have access to speeds of up to 25 Gbps. Let’s be honest: despite the fact that the majority of us appreciate the concept of having the fastest internet connection possible, we probably don’t require it. If you work from home and have family members also living in the house, getting a reliable and fast internet plan is certainly at the top of your to-do list (whether you have several roommates or a family). However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that you could get by just fine with a 500 Mbps plan rather than springing for a full gigabit tier or even a multigigabit plan.

If you and your partner/roommate/spouse are not working remotely and use the internet for mostly leisurely pursuits, you may want to consider reducing your internet speed even further. Maybe you can switch to a lower data plan, like 200 Mbps instead of 500 Mbps. This is a simple way to lower your internet bill without hurting the quality of your connection.

3. Reduce devices

Our homes are increasingly packed with linked devices, such as smart TVs, phones, gaming consoles, smart thermostats, security cameras, smartwatches, etc. The more connected devices you have in your house, the more data you will need. If you’re the only person living in your house, you might have more control over these, preventing them from eating up your data allowance (if you have one) or slowing down your internet connection. If you use fewer devices to connect to the internet, you might be able to get better internet service for less money.

4. Bundle with other services

Obviously, internet service isn’t the only utility in your home that costs money. If you bundle broadband with other services like your cell phone and cable TV subscriptions, you can save money. Check with your service provider to see if any bundle discounts are available; if so, you can likely sign up for the deal quickly and easily through the provider’s website.

5. Negotiate with your service provider

You’ve looked over your bill and considered factors like internet speed, the number of devices, and other plans. It’s time to call your existing ISP and negotiate a better rate.

6. Look for low-cost internet options

Investigate any discount schemes that may be available to minimize your home internet costs. Government assistance programs that provide discounts to qualified customers should be your first stop.

If you’re eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program through the Federal Communications Commission, you might save $30 per month on internet access (or up to $75 per month for families located on tribal grounds).

Last but not least, you can combine the federal subsidies and discounts with the low-cost plans offered by providers, practically all of which are $30 or less, on any of the more than 1,600 participating ISPs. That means it’s possible to receive free internet service at your house.

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